The Celebration of Student Writing

The Rhetoric and Composition (R_C) Program invites you to attend the 6th Annual Celebration of Student Writing (CSW). This year’s Celebration will take place on November 17, from noon to 3 p.m., in the Grandfather Mountain Ballroom of the Plemmons Student Union. Join us in celebrating our first- and second-year Rhetoric and Composition students and their terrific work!


The CSW is ASU’s annual showcase during which R_C students engage with a public audience to exhibit the exciting written and multimedia projects that they’ve developed during the semester. The R_C Program values writing as a dynamic and creative endeavour, and past Celebrations have highlighted the effective texts students have produced through their writing processes, including social media, zines, infographics, performances, audio recordings, videos, Prezis, and other exciting multimodal and written compositions.

Students dedicate themselves to producing strong texts in our courses, and the CSW is an exciting venue to share students’ products and processes, while also encouraging the invention, creation, and celebration of writing.




The Rhetoric and Composition Program also sponsors an online journal for undergraduates at ASU. Please visit the WriteClick website to read the most recent publication.