Rhetoric Roundtables

The study of rhetoric is central to our discipline in the Composition Program. Though "rhetoric" is often referred to in negative ways—"mere rhetoric" or "political rhetoric"—its study is about more than just form. Rather, rhetorical study offers heuristics in which to create and reflect on thought, as well as analyses of the intimate connection between our language and our production of new knowledge (as well as our reproduction of that knowledge).

These meetings aim to provide a space where faculty from across campus can convene and consider the ways that the study of rhetoric can enhance all of our own research, writing and pedagogy. Each meeting will be led by a different facilitator who will provide a common text to read and orient discussion. However, if you're not able to do the reading, that's okay! We still want you to come and add to our dialogue.

For additional information on upcoming Rhetoric Roundtable meetings, please visit the Faculty Resources page.