Vertical Writing Model


WAC Vertical Writing Model for Writing Skills


The vertical writing model was designed to give students continued support for writing careers at ASU, with writing experience each year, and structure to archive writing for both students and the university.

***Outcomes in color indicate shared learning outcomes across all four years of dedicated writing courses.*** 

Introductory Composition and Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing in the Discipline

Disciplinary Capstone:


First Year:

Second Year:

Third Year:

Fourth Year:


Introductory course with research component in collaboration with information literacy program, RC 1000, FL, and WGC first-year composition. 

Writing course focusing on application of first-year proficiencies in new, multiple WAC contexts with information literacy component, RC 2001 and WCG 2001.

Writing in the Disciplines (WID) at entry level with information literacy component. 

Writing in the Discipline at advanced level, with information literacy component. 


May be compiled over academic career as resource for further education and career investment and WAC assessment. 

Writes to discover and to communicate.


Drafts, revises, and edits effectively.


Writes with strong voice and authority.


Analyzes and responds effectively to different rhetorical situations.


Locates, evaluates, synthesizes, and documents primary and secondary sources. 


Participates actively in writing community. 


Reflects upon semester’s writing with ability to evaluate own work and that of community. 

Practices proficiencies from first year writing.


Writes in a variety of academic genres.


Applies rhetorical knowledge to analyzing texts from different genres and from different academic communities.


Uses rhetorical skills to match research to needs of writing situation and addresses audiences effectively.


Demonstrates proficiency in at least two documentation styles. 


Reflects upon and evaluates own writing in the context of writing across the curriculum. 

Applies proficiencies from first and second years’ writing courses.


Writes effectively in the genres of the discipline.


Demonstrates rhetorical knowledge in reading and analyzing texts to produce effective writing in the discipline. 


Documents correctly in the conventions of the discipline.


Desirable: Reflects on semester’s writing with emphasis on writing within the discipline. 

Applies proficiencies from earlier writing courses and knowledge of writing in the discipline. 


Writes effectively in genres appropriate to advanced level of the discipline. 


Demonstrates rhetorical knowledge of texts and writing conventions of the discipline to produce effective writing at advanced level.


Documents correctly in the conventions of the discipline.


Participates in a community of readers and writers in discipline. 


Desirable: Reflects upon undergraduate writing from the perspective of the capstone experience. 

Addresses goals and outcomes of vertical writing model. 


Includes examples of strong, polished writing from college career.


Reflects on pieces of writing and collection as a whole in the context of multiple academic communities with application inside and outside the university.