Rhetoric & Composition Steering Committee

The Rhetoric & Composition Steering Committee is charged with the following:

  • Articulation of writing theory and practice within the department.
  • Recommendation of policies and procedures for first- and second-year writing courses (0900, 1000, and 2001), advanced courses that engage rhetoric and composition.
  • Recommendation of textbooks for writing courses.
  • Training and performance evaluation of non-tenure track faculty and graduate assistants teaching writing courses.
  • Placement policies and procedures for incoming freshmen and transfer students.
  • In conjunction with the University Writing Center and WAC Program, promotion of writing as a university-wide activity.
  • Promotion and coordination of research opportunities in writing theory and practice.

Spring 2021 RC Steering Committee Members

  • Katy Abrams: RC Budget Coordinator
  • Jessie Blackburn: Assistant Chair of English
  • Miles Britton: Peer Mentoring Coordinator
  • Ben Good: RC 1000 Coordinator
  • Vicki LeQuire: Online Course Coordinator
  • Bethany Mannon: Director of Composition
  • Savannah Paige Murray
  • Kely Terzaken: 2001 Coordinator
  • Cole Wahab: WriteClick (co)chair
  • Belinda Walzer