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Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Documentary: Alexandra Contianos, “Diversity and Inclusion on Broadway” - VIDEO 

Rhetorical Analysis: Julie Brooks, “Emotional Support Animals

Comparative Essay: Evan Akouegnon, “The New York Times and the #MeToo Movement

Portfolio Analysis Video: Mckenzie Sollars, “Final Portfolio Video” - VIDEO

Visual Rhetorical Analysis: Donohue, Jazzy, “Rhetoric Analysis Video of ‘This is America” - VIDEO

[**Please note this video contains graphic imagery/themes necessary for academic analysis; viewer discretion advised.**

Research Essay: Margaret McLean, Orencia Garcia & Alex Lubinecky, “Literacy Development through Education

Argumentative Essay: Emory Sprouse, “The Purpose Behind Prevention

Argumentative Essay: Julia Schriefer, “Mandatory Vaccination in Children

Argumentative Essay: Rachel Carlton, “Caffeine: A Guilty Pleasure or a Perpetrator in Disguise”

Personal Narrative: Ethan Hunt, “Benefits of a Backyard Education

Ethnography: Kaylee Combs, “Scholarly Community of Digital Marketing Majors

Ethnography: Harlee Hawthorne, “No Money Down, Everybody Rides

Ethnography: Amelia Gallina, “The General Phenotype and Morphology of a Wildlife Biologist

Argumentative Essay: Sierra Lafrenier, “Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Argumentative Essay: Holly Aldridge, “Diversity in YA Literature

Rhetorical Analysis: Peyton Fordon, “V for Vendetta Film Analysis"