R_C-2001: Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum


Rhetoric and Composition 2001 is the second-year writing course in your General Education curriculum. You must have passed R_C-1000 or an equivalent and have completed at least 30 hours of course study before taking R_C-2001. This course will introduce you to writing and reading across disciplines, focusing on rhetorical strategies of writing in different settings and building on research and analysis skills begun in R_C-1000: Expository Writing.


R_C-2001 is a writing course based on process, which means that you will continue work in invention, drafting, revising, and editing papers. You may write in a variety of genres and forms across a variety of academic disciplines. This is also a reading-intensive course designed to give you experience engaging and analyzing complex texts from across various disciplines.

The goal of this particular course is not to introduce you to any particular discipline, but to teach you writing strategies and concepts that are applicable across a variety of fields as well as give you the skills you need to identify the different demands of various writing situations.


The work in 2001 may cover many kinds of assignments, including workshops, journals, reports, and quizzes, but the bulk of the final grade will be based on extended essays and a final portfolio of your best work. The components of this portfolio will vary from instructor to instructor, but it will emphasize both your writing process and the quality of your final work.

Writing and Research Help

For writing help, the University Writing Center is a wonderful resource. Conveniently located on the second floor of the library, they take walk-ins or you can make an appointment. If you have a quick question, you can even chat with them online!

For research assistance, Belk Library offers RAP (Research Advisory Program) sessions to provide writers with support for their research. To learn more about the program and how to set up an appointment, click here.