Study Abroad in Wales: Summer I

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Program Description

Postindustrial Wales

This six credit-hour course examines cultural rhetorics of place in Wales and Appalachia through readings, writing, lectures, and field travel to rural Wales. Students will observe postindustrial transformations in rural Wales with regard to politics, culture, and economy. Service-based participation in the rural development work of nonprofit organizations, critical examination of tourism sites, interactions with Welsh politicians, and archival research on Welsh identity politics will encourage comparison and analysis with postindustrial development and culture in Appalachia. The course features one week of training before international travel, almost three weeks in rural southern Wales, and two days in London. The course itinerary includes hiking in the Brecon Beacons National Park and the Gower Peninsula (rated the third-best beach in Europe), day trips to the cities of Swansea and Cardiff, and visitation to numerous museums and cultural events. The course will begin 6/11/18 with pre-departure training; students will depart for Wales on 6/17/18; the course ends on 7/7/18. 


U – ANT/PS 3530 – Wales and Appalachia I – 3 credits
U – ANT/PS 3531 – Wales and Appalachia II – 3 credits
U – ENG 4280 – Literary and Cultural Studies Abroad – 6 credits
G – RC 5300 – Studies in Rhetoric & Composition – 3 credits
G – AS 5110 – Ethnographic Field Study – 3-6 credits